EightStar™ Diamonds

What is an EightStar™ Diamond

A DIAMOND as uniquely beautiful as the EightStar™ comes to life through a special combination of artistry, technology, and time. The EightStar™ requires commitment to an unprecedented level of quality. EightStar™ cutters work to the most exacting standards. And EightStar™ standards are the highest in the diamond industry.

Perfect Light Every Time

Look into the EightStar™ pattern and you see the culmination of the quest to create a diamond with perfect light. This quest brought with it knowledge of the most precise methods for diamond cutting. It also brought the understanding that each diamond is unique and demands its own special attention.

The EightStar™ Diamond Company is committed to cutting diamonds in this way. The EightStar™ cutters are perfectionists, adhering to meticulous standards. This means they can only cut a limited number of diamonds in a year. There isn't time for any more. The EightStar™, by its nature, is an exclusive gemstone.

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